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Boric Acid Ant Control

If you have ever had ants, you know how difficult it can be to get rid of them. Like any insect, you need to kill the nest or queen to have success. Otherwise, the ants will keep coming back forever.

A common way to attract ants is with peanut butter. They also like meat, grease, oil, and sugar. You can mix sugar and fat, as well, It is our experience that ants are easy to attract. They came in your house didn't they. And, they love to eat anything they can find.

The way to get rid of ants is to mix the tasty ingredients with boric acid or spreading dust. The ants take the boric acid back to the nest and get it on everything they touch. Since it is toxic to the ant, it works great at nest elimination.

The Bait

A suggested solution is one eighth to one fourth teaspoon boric acid to one tablespoon of attractant. You sometimes need to experiment because not all ants react the same. The bait should be as strong as possible without putting the ants off. If there is too much, the ants will avoid it. You should try stronger and stronger baits until you find the best concoction for your particular variety.

The Dust

You may have noticed that ants walk in a line. They often go back and forth along the same "invisible" path for days. These paths are marked by a pheremone that the other ants put out. It is like a scent marker that the ants follow.

Along these paths, you can put out a bit of boric acid dust. The dust should be ever so light. It should not be visible to the naked eye. One way to apply the dust it is to take a teaspoon of boric acid powder, put it on paper, and make a gentle puff. If the dust is too thick the ants will totally avoid it.



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