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Boric Acid Eye Wash

Have you ever had really red eyes that hurt? Have your eyes been infected from contact lens use? One treatment is a boric acid eye wash. Boric acid is one of the ingredients in many contact lens solutions. It has remarkable antiseptic properties and can help your eyes feel better.


This is the first step. There are many boric acids for sale and many are used for pest control. They may actually work, but you do not know the extent of how clean the product is. To be safe, always use a medicinal boric acid at the pharmacy.

The correct solution should be a 1.5% solution.

The first step is to boil the water. This step is to insure that the water is sterile and clean. You might also use distilled water since it is purified.

One teaspoon of powder and one quart of water is a good solution to use.

The most common way to wash the eye is to put the solution in an eye cup. They actually sell sterilized eye cups for this purpose.

Note of Caution

Soft contact lenses may absorb some of the solution and become discolored. For that reason wait at least fifteen minutes after using the solution.

Final Tip

This is a mild antiseptic that many people can use for mild discomfort. If you have cuts in your eyes this method should not be used. In addition, there are many more powerful products that a doctor can prescribe to you.

Many people use this solution for the treatment of their dogs or cats eye problems.


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