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Boric Acid Facts

Q. Why is boric acid so effective?
A. It eliminates insect nesting and that is essential for ultimate control.

Q. Is boric acid expensive?
A. It is the most inexpensive and most cost effective approach available.

Q. Is boric acid safe?
A. Boric acid is safe as long as you take some basic precautions. The main thing to avoid is using powder and then inhaling it. In addition, don't eat it. It only takes 5-30 grams to induce death.

Q. How do you apply boric acid?
A. With dust you can gently blow it onto a surface. Just don't inhale it back in. For bait, you simply use a spatula and you don't have to worry about inhalation.

Q. Is boric acid all natural?
A. Borate occurs naturally in nature. Most boric acid is borate mixed with an acid like sulphuric acd. However, it does also occur in nature. It is a white powder that is mined.

Q. Does Boric Acid Control Ants and Roaches?
A. It takes a week or two, but boric acid is the best approach for ultimate control.

Q. How much does Boric Acid Cost?
A. The dust is only a few dollars a bottle. The roach bait is around $60.00 for a good sized container. For best results, dust and bait can be used harmoniously. If the infestation is not too large, bait, alone, can work by itself.




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