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Boric Acid Roach Control

There are many ways to kill a roach, but nothing is as effective at total elimination than the naturally occurring element boric acid. It is a miracle of sorts that there is at least one product so effective against a bug that is so resilient and impossible to get rid of.

The Key

The key to the effectiveness is two pronged:

#1- The roaches can't build up immunity.

#2- The roaches take it back to the nest.

These two key points are very important and are real problems for other insecticides. Any man made insecticide will create super bugs through natural selection. However, boric acid is different. It works through dehydration and the roaches aren't going to be living without water anytime soon. Other types of insecticides effect the nervous system and other metabolic functions that can be overcome by the roaches fabulous genetic structure.

The other thing is nest elimination. Suppose you have a typical home with over 20,000 roaches. You spray areas and kill some of the scouting roaches, but ones further back in (hidden) are not effected. This is a real problem because reproduction will continue at a rapid rate. You may see an initial decline only to see them come back. Some companies rely on this method to sign you up for a monthly visit that is not cheap. These companies know that elimination is not going to happen because nest elimination isn't their top priority.

The beauty of boric acid is that the roaches take it back to the nest. Once the nest is eliminated, the reproduction cycles stop and you have some real hope. Then, it will indeed take some time to get rid of all the roaches. I mean, you can't expect to get rid of 20,000 roaches in one day. Since boric acid is naturally occurring, it works a bit slower than man made formulations. It will typically take a week or two for total elimination. For that reason, some people like to spray and use bait at the same time. In that way, you can cut them back with the insecticidal spray and then use the bait to take care of the real problem (the nest).

Don't spray the bait with insecticide. The roaches will not be attracted to tainted bait.

One of the most effective products ever is called MRF 2000. It is a proprietary boric acid roach bait formula. One application will eliminate roaches for up to one full year. There is no other product that is so effective and so inexpensive at roach control.

This borate bait product should not be confused with other dust and powder formulations. While there is a place for dust and powder, it is much more difficult to apply and use. If you need a good boric acid roach bait, please check out this website. Roach Control


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