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Boric Acid Roaches

Most of the time, you will see roaches climb the walls. People often know that the roaches must be living somewhere in the walls. This assumption is often correct. Walls are one of the favorite voids that roaches take. The wall offers security, safety, and close access to food and water. However, there are two other voids that people can sometimes forget because the space is more hidden. Here are the top two.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cupboards

There is a space between the bottom shelf of the kitchen cupboards and the bottom shelf of the bathroom vanity. This is an ideal spot for a roach. First of all, it is a safe place to hide and it is very dark. It is often one of the warmer areas of the home. If that's not ideal, there is more. The roaches love to climb up and go along the pipes coming out of the walls. These pipes often are a bit leaky and provide water. They also provide a simple to navigate highway of sorts. Should you have some roach bait, the pipes under the sinks are an ideal spot to put some bait.

The way to get into the space under the bottom shelf is through the toe kick. This is the board that is near your toes. It isn't practical to pull it off, but that can certainly be done. You may damage the board or the cupboard. A more practical approach is to drill small holes into the toe kick. Then, you use boric acid dust and inject it into the area. When you are satisfied that the roaches are eliminated, simply use some wood putty and repaint or varnish over the holes.

This approach does two things. If there is a strong nest under the cupboard it will upset the roaches dramatically. This approach should not be performed without the aid of some bait because bait is always needed to achieve total elimination. Suppose some healthy roaches relocate. You need them to come to your bait before they set up shop.

One of the most effective baits is called MRF 2000. It is a boric acid bait that uses a proprietary formula to eliminate roaches for up to one year with one application. There is no other bait product that is as effective or works so well. The big bonus is that it is way less toxic than any other roach baits or insecticides because it is based on the naturally occurring element boric acid. Here is a link to learn more about the product. Boric Acid


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