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Scabies Home Remedy and Boric Acid

Scabies are little mites that infect millions of people a year. They are spread by intimate person to person contact. Most people use get permithian cream from their doctor. However, in many cases it nearly gets rid of the scabies, but not completely.

One of the problems is that the scabies can keep coming back. For example, they may be living in your carpet, the furniture, or anywhere else. This is where boric acid should come in. It can be worked into the carpet and furniture to get rid of the scabies. Please apply it carefully. There should not be any excess showing. It should actually be put on very light. Boric acid can be deadly when inhaled and so dusting solutions should be performed with care.

Do you have a favorite place to lie down or sit down. This area may need to be taken care of with boric acid.

You should not apply boric acid to the skin. It is considered a skin irritant and a certain amount can be absorbed. Too much absorption is uncommon, but deadly.


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